Belgard sells pavers and other 'hardscapes,' which, due to the expense of shipping stone and heavy fragile materials, makes their product catalog vary heavily across the US and Canada. They needed a website that could detect a user's location and show a customized product catalog to reduce the burden on their sales team of managing multiple product variations.

I built upon a proprietary CMS to manage their complex product catalog, including the development of a 'Style File' feature allowing any product, image, or content article on the website to be shared to bookmark folders for future perusal and inspiration. We developed an 'inspiration' page that showcased various configurations of Belgard products through photography, to help visitors dream up new ways Belgard products could be added to their homes.

Additionally, Belgard has a vast network of contractors that are an important partner for them. I built a feature that used a map lookup to find Belgard contractors and showrooms, so homeowners could find someone trustworthy and experienced with Belgard products to install in their homes. Additionally, a second site experience is geared toward these contractors, allowing them to look up documentation, specs, hatchery patterns, and other materials necessary for pulling off the high design standards Belgard sets for their contractors. These two separate sites share a single CMS to reduce the burden of content entry across multiple places.

In addition to all of this, Belgard's product data had never been fully organized before, with much of their information in PDFs and brochures and almost none of it in spreadsheets or importable data formats. I worked with a dedicated and hard-working content manager to adapt their products into detailed spreadsheets, including the catalog and renaming of over 3,000 images, PDFs, and similar assets. I built a script to process and import the content of these spreadsheets, saving weeks of time (and budget) from a content manager for having to do this manually.


Lead developer, CMS development, Feature development, QA, content script import development

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