The Polaroid Wall


The Polaroid Wall is a Swift application that features an enormous photo wall with 2,620 photos chronicling 20 years of the IPA Production House, a film company in Chicago, IL. Users can zoom in and explore the photos themselves, or choose from a selection of predetermined paths to take a tour of photo sequences grouped by an individual's name, themes like technology and milestones, or by year. By converting what used to be a series of poster boards into an app, the app enables hundreds of people to relive some of the most fun years of their lives, as well as share their stories with others. The Polaroid Wall proved to be a creative challenge, given that the desired experience was to be able to zoom in and out on a grid of 2,620 photos. I converted the >100 MB master image into "map tiles" - the name for individual squares that comprise the images of a map (such as Google Maps). The app uses six different levels of detail, allowing for the ability to zoom out (to see as many as possible) as well as zoom in and see individual details. I enjoyed using the iOS Maps API in an entirely non-traditional manner.


iOS Development, Swift Development, Lead Developer

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